Kitten 3.0 VRChat avatar

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Kitten 3.0 VRChat avatar

28 ratings

♥ Kitten VRChat avatar ♥

25 USD

Uses Gogo Loco!

Nose boop with cute facial expression

Headpat with heart particles and cute facial expressions

Uses physbones all over

Clothing: Apron, Bra, Panties, Heels.

Accessories: Chain choker, Bow choker, Bracelets, Scrunchie, Rings, Bandaids, Ankle chain, Glasses.

Customization: Eye hue, Skin color, Tattoo hue, Body shine, Hair switch, Hair strand hue, Emission strength, Emission hue, Apron hue, Underwear hue, Heels hue, Accessories hue.


3 different oriface


Body, Ponytail - https://zinpia.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library (Body edit by me not for reuse)

Pearl bracelets - https://lilyy2345.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Scrunchie - https://hollly.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Heels - https://miriaaamvr.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Hair straight - https://vrgoogle.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Hair wavy - https://wetcat.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Rings - https://pastelplushiesvr.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Head - https://krivr.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library (Head edit by me not for reuse)

(Face texture edit by me not for reuse)

GogoLoco - https://franadavrc.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Made by me (Any of these assets/particles are not for reuse unless purchased or with my given permission)

Maid outfit - OniiGirii#5977

Glasses - OniiGirii#5977

Hearts in hair - OniiGirii#5977

Ears & tail - OniiGirii#5977

Chain choker - OniiGirii#5977

Ankle chain - OniiGirii#5977

Leopard body texture/decal - OniiGirii#5977

Bandaids - OniiGirii#5977

Headpat particles & heart mesh - OniiGirii#5977

Tongue - OniiGirii#5977

Boop sound - OniiGirii#5977

♥ If i missed anyone feel free to dm me! ♥

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