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!Chinatsu Preorders!

!preorder includes a bonus style only available to those who preorder!

!once the preorders end the post will be unlisted and people can no longer buy it then i will update the post and you will be able to go download it from your library!

Chinatsu features

Headpat with tail wag a cute purr and facial expressions!

Left and right eye pokes with facial expression and ouch sound recorded by me!

A nose boop with facial expression and boop sound recorded by me!

Smack on both left and right butt with a sound!


Clothing, Accesories, Adjustments, Customize (multiple menus inside), Body, Extra stuff, DPS

Toggles and features

Clothing: Gown, Bra, Panties, Pasties, Gloves

Accessories: Heart bands, Bow, Choker, Glasses, Halo, wings, Bang stars, Bandaid

Adjustments: Ear size, Tail size, Breast size, Butt size

Customization: Eye hue, Eye sat, Glass alpha, Glass hue, [Menu clothing: all black clothing (you can mix and match), [Hair menu (Hair hue, hair sat, Emission hue, Hair color wheel),

Body: Skin radial, Belly piercing, Rings, Tail wag, Elf ears, Ears, Tail.

Extra: Locomotion, Disable contacts, Toast, Halo particles.

DPS: 5 different oriface

!Preorder bonus version has all the same features but a brand new outfit and different hair!

Any of these assets must NOT be used unless purchased from original creator.

Body: (My edit not for reuse)

Head: (My edit not for reuse)


Preorder version hair:


Glasses & stars:

Any other asset is made by me and must not be used unless you have my permission or if purchased from my store (This includes preorder version)

♡ No refunds

♡ You are not allowed to take any parts from the avatar

♡ No public uploads EVER

♡ No uploads to any friends without my permission

♡ Claiming my work as your own is disrespectful and NEVER allowed

♡ Always credit me if anyone asks where you got the avatar

♡ You are allowed to use my model for streaming and or emotes/art as long as i am credited!

♡ You are never allowed to share any avatar or asset with anyone!

-Quantity 1+
  • !Preorder spot!

  • !Preorder spot!


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